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The Naked Renovator has over 60 years of combined experience. We will start at the core and get the job done right the first time.
We are experts in interior and exterior home renovations and specialize in all home improvements.



Your bathroom should be as beautiful as it is functional. At Naked Renovator, we can reconstruct your restroom into one that promotes relaxation, while also being the optimal space to primp in the morning and evenings. Our bathroom renovations include laminate flooring, ceramic tile, window and door installation, custom capping and more.


Basements are the perfect space for recreation, and it should reflect so. At Naked Renovator, we aim to transform your basement into a space that is optimal for indulgence, relaxation, and entertaining guests. Our basement renovations include laminate/hardwood flooring, windows and door installation and more.


The kitchen is the is one of the most important rooms in any home. It is where we prepare food and where we tend to congregate when entertaining guests.  Because it’s such a high traffic area, maintaining it has to be handled with care. Our kitchen renovations include hardwood flooring, window and door installations and upgrades and more.

About Us

The Naked Renovator is a trusted, professional renovation company with years of experience and knowledge. We emphasize quality workmanship and are bolstered by our excellent customer service.

Located in Trenton, Ontario, we have been proudly serving the Pickering, Brighton, Trenton, Belleville and Quinte communities since our inception.